Born in 1960, Loïc GUSTON graduated in History, Practice and Theory of Art. Professor of visual arts, he is also an author whose photographic universe makes of memory the real place of the glance. It is here that everything begins and that the vision that is his is organized.


               To date, he has participated in various exhibitions at the Rastoll Gallery in Paris,at  the Contemporary Art Center of Landes or at events such as the photojournalistic BarrObjectif festival, the Paris Contemporary Photography Fair and the Rencontres de la photographie in Arles .


               Magazines or journals such as PHOTO, L'Œil De La Photographie, 36p., VISIONS LIBRES, REVUE CAMERA or EYE-PHOTO have distributed some of his images and others belong to private collections in France and Japan.


- Architectures - Festival de la photographie, DAX
- Architectures - Festival de photo reportage BarrObjectif n°14
- Hors saison - Festival de photo reportage BarrObjectif n°15
- Participation aux Rencontres d’Arles
- Participation aux Rencontres des Photographes d’Aquitaine
- Reconstructions - Salon Photographique de la Côte d’Argent, Mimizan
- Etat des Lieux - CafeMusic’, Mont-de-Marsan
- Entre ciel et mer - Galerie in)(between, Paris
- Réminiscence - Galerie Rastoll, Paris
- Le Silence - Festival de photoreportage BarrObjectif n°17
- Correspondances - Galerie Rastoll, Paris
- Expolaroid - Galerie Rastoll, Paris
- Nudités dévoilées - Galerie Rastoll, Paris
- Extraits - Galerie Rastoll / Rencontres de la photographie, Arles
-Loïc GUSTON | Photographie - Centre d'Art Contemporain des Landes, Mont-de-Marsan


- Revue PHOTO - Concours mondial de photographie, p.65
- Revue PHOTO - Concours mondial de photographie, p.100
- Entre les lignes - Richard MEIER/VoixEditions (coll. CosyWorks©)
- E-Magazine Corridor Éléphant éditions #15 - #20
- Le Silence - Magazine L'ŒIL DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE
- Album de famille - Magazine L'ŒIL DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE
- Le Silence - page Facebook de REVUE CAMERA
- Entre-deux - page Facebook de REVUE CAMERA
- Chers Disparus - page Facebook de REVUE CAMERA
- Magazine VISIONS LIBRES #10 - #11
- Une mémoire de l’oubli - Magazine 36p. #2 (Edition de la Galerie Rastoll)
- PROVOCATEUR, Special-Edition of Visions Libres Magazine.
- La tentation du paysage - page Facebook de REVUE CAMERA
- EYE-PHOTO Magazine #4
- EYE-PHOTO Magazine #1
- EYE-PHOTO Magazine #3

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