Roma open city

“The cinema, by its evocations of the past, is an admirable thing. I recently saw Quo Vadis - Nero and Agrippina on the screen, well, I declare that it is superb and I would not have believed that the cinema would have been able to reconstitute with such jealous care the events of Antiquity! and I was amazed. "
Hélène Lafont-Couturier, Peplum l'Antiquité spectacle, ed. Fage, 2012

“The ruin is an object of fascination for the architect. It manifests the precariousness of the building, its probable erasure, while perpetuating its memory. Ruins, remains of buildings, urban ruins, ghost towns… haunt the history of architecture and its representation. "
French Society of Architects, International Symposium, 2007